How much gold can you buy for $1000?

The amount of gold you can buy for $1000 is based on two primary factors: the price of gold, and the purity of the gold you are buying. Right now, the price of gold is about $1700/ounce, but that price is constantly fluctuating. You can get the current price of gold by visiting

Next, you need to know the purity of gold you’re buying. If you’re buying gold as an investment, the most popular purchase is 24k gold, which is 100% gold without any additional alloys. Since it’s 100% gold, with $1000 you’d be able to purchase 1000/1700 of an ounce of gold, or .588 ounces, or 16.670 grams of gold. For comparison purposes, a compact disc weighs about 15 grams. A AAA battery weighs about 12grams.

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