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From old and unwanted gold jewelry to gold fillings and gold electronics, cash for gold companies buy it all. Cash for gold locations and gold buyers were popping up everywhere when gold prices hit highs of $1900/ounce in September of 2011, making it very important to be careful about who you are selling your gold to. Our website was established to list trusted, local cash for gold companies across the US, while also providing reviews and comparisons to popular online buyers.

Our database of cash for gold locations includes both reputable online gold buyers, as well as information and reviews on cash for gold companies in your area. We provide all the information we have, and hope you will report your experiences with the companies mentioned on our website as well. Our goal is to help you cash in on your unwanted gold and get the best price possible. Take a look at the cash for gold locations we have listed to find a reputable person online or in your area to work with.

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How Much is Your Gold Worth?

The Pros & Cons of Your Local Cash for Gold Store

the-pros-cons-of-your-local-cash-for-gold-storeYou’ve driven past the flashing “We Buy Gold” sign in your area a million times, but perhaps never even considered seeing what their services could provide for you. Then selling the old jewelry that you never even wear anymore becomes a thought but you have no idea how the process works or what to expect. Maybe you have even heard from friends and family how they were “ripped-off” by the local pawnshop, but the truth of the matter is that there are many pros and cons to your local gold buyer. Every town across America has businesses offering to buy your gold, silver, diamonds, electronics, instruments, and more; and knowing what to expect can help you earn more money.  Read more

Gold and its Current Value: Is Investing in Gold worth it?

The Global Economy at Present

The global market is extremely unstable. Countries around the world are still reeling from the effects of the Global Financial Crisis. Some even claim that they are experiencing a continuous downward spiral with no bright prospects in the near future. But what is common among all states and their peoples is the fear that the global economy has reached its most volatile and most unpredictable condition. This anxiety has resulted to two polarized camps. On one hand are individuals who have started acting with utmost caution with their investments, engaging only in safe if not tried and tested industries. On the other hand, are persons who have transformed into risk – takers, willing to gamble with the hopes of defying the odds.  Read more

Gold Buyers In Fort Worth

Looking for a gold buyer in Fort Worth, then you have come to the right place. Our website features the cash for gold locations from all over the United States, including Fort Worth, TX. Like many large cities, you will have plenty of options when it comes to finding a place to sell gold. Below we have listed the Verified Gold Buyers in Fort Worth. These are highly recommended cash for gold locations and the map to the right can help you find the gold buyer closest to your home.  Read more